Halo Infinite: New modes, playlists and challenges arrive next week

Halo Infinite will receive a lot of very interesting news for the multiplayer section with a big update scheduled for the next week, or Tuesday, December 14, 2021 , including a playlist update with new ways, new challenges and several other interesting things.

343 Industries’ work continues on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer front, therefore: a few days after the single-player campaign launches, the game will receive a substantial update to the free-to-play section already active from mid-November, with a series of presentations for the happiness of the community, which in this way sees the return of some particularly expected modalities.

More than new modes, these are actually historic returns: as reported by 343 Industries on Reddit in December 14th, additional gameplay options will be included in the Halo Infinite playlist, in particular Slayer, Fiesta, FFA (Free For All) e Tactical Slayer (SWAT), all added via the update scheduled for next Tuesday.

In 343 Industries projects there is the introduction of an extended playlist for Slayer that includes different variants of the mode in question, with different variants that will be added later, given the impossibility of introducing everything in this update.

The update also includes adjustments and changes to the challenges, removing some of these considered excessively frustrating and reducing the demands imposed on others, in order to make these commitments less stressful for players, in addition to adding other new challenges specifically related to upcoming playlists.

Among these novelties for the challenges, 343 Industries highlights the presence of a particular category based on accumulation of points by player, considered a first step towards a transition from the challenge system to rewards more related to specific combat performances.

More information should come to Halo Waypoint in the coming days, as well as details on other new features planned for the game. In the meantime, we’ve seen that Halo Infinite is the Players’ Voice winner at The Game Awards 2021, in other words, the best game of the year voted by the public.