Halo Infinite: on Steam the campaign conquers the first position in the global top 10

Halo Infinite has reached its peak, which is the first position, Steam’s top 10 worldwide, after the release of game reviews. Considering that it will be officially available from December 8, 2021, therefore, in two days until the time of writing this news, this is the first important result for the 343 Industries game, which still has a long way to go to be declared a success has financial terms.

Another interesting element of the ranking, at least for the Microsoft world, is the presence of Forza Horizon 5 in seventh position, a sign that the Playground racing game has a very long tail, considering it’s been on the market for almost a month since it was released. Also of note is Age of Empires IV in eleventh position, which in turn is available from the end of October 2021. In short, despite the availability of all the games mentioned above in Xbox Game Pass para PC, many PC gamers haven’t given up on buying them.

Moreover, we highlight the presence in the ranking of interesting Wartales, in ninth position, and Battlefield 2042 which, despite many negative opinions, has not yet left the top 10. The debut in the eighth position of Shadow Tactics: Blades of is also good. The Shogun – Aiko’s Choice, the standalone expansion of Shadow Tactics.