Halo Infinite: single player campaign weight revealed, it’s pretty contained

Halo Infinite prepares for its launch in full form, also revealing the weight and dimension of the single-player campaign, or another component in addition to the already-available multiplayer, characterized by its decidedly contained size.

The complete download and installation of Halo Infinite will therefore not require the management of absurd amounts of space on the SSD and on the hard drive, apparently, at least according to what is reported by the official application Xbox Game Pass, in which the game is now available for pre-download, in order to be ready to go as soon as you get to December 8, 2021.

According to the data entered in the app, the Halo Infinite single player campaign requires 28GB download and free space on the SSD for the Xbox Series X|S and probably for the Xbox One as well.

Besides multiplayer requires an additional 18 GB of space, for a total of approximately 46 GB of download and free space required for installation.

As this is a sizable open world game, it’s not an absurd amount of memory required, on the contrary, looks very small, compared to so many other examples you see today. The news is especially happy, especially for Xbox Series S owners, who have 500GB of free space on their console’s SSD;

There will then be any updates to be evaluated, which may come in especially with regard to the multiplayer part, which is currently still in beta and therefore could receive substantial additions at the time of the release of Halo Infinite in the full version, but for currently, the total amount of space required for the game should be 46 GB no Xbox Series X|S.