Halo Infinite: That’s why the co-op campaign comes out later

Joseph Staten of 343 Industries explains why co-op mode for the Halo Infinite campaign won’t be released until later. Remembering that, we already taught how to activate this mode for multiplayer recently.

When players enter the Halo Infinite campaign on December 8th, they will have to face the latest adventure with the Master Chief alone. Because, as has been known for a long time, the cooperative mode for the campaign will only be sent out later. Probably not before May 2022.

In the latest issue of IGN Unfiltered, Joseph Staten, Creative Director, talked about how difficult it was and why the cooperative feature for the campaign has been delayed.

Among other things, Staten says it was a very difficult decision to postpone the cooperative campaign. But it’s important to deliver quality work, especially when it comes to a franchise like Halo.

“I’m working on Halo, but I’m still a Halo fan. And the cooperative campaign is an integral part of the experience. If you play Halo with your friends, you play Halo, whether in multiplayer or in the campaign. Of all the decisions we made that were the most difficult, postponing co-op was very, very difficult.. But it shows the studio’s dedication – even when it’s difficult, even if it hurts – to deliver experiences only when they’re done. To deliver only quality experiences. And that’s just as important for any franchise, but certainly for a franchise like Halo, which has been around for 20 years. “

Doing your job well is a goal, so it’s very important. In case of co-op just wasn’t ready and started with other areas of the game. For example, they wanted to make sure the game worked well in all available platforms.

“If we don’t maintain these high standards, if we don’t commit to excellence and every time we bring something to market, if we commit to delight our customers, meet our expectations and ideally exceed them, then I wouldn’t think we are doing our job right. And the truth was, the cooperative campaign was not yet ready. And we decided to focus our efforts on other areas. “

In other words, for Halo Infinite’s team of developers, the co-op campaign won’t launch until it passes its quality standards, so it will have to wait a little longer. Delaying is difficult, but delivering something competent is the best option.

You can watch the current episode with Joseph Staten here: