Halo Infinite: The Cat Ear Helmet Becomes a Phenomenon

If you thought that controversy surrounding Halo Infinite would end with its release, wait a seated position, it looks like this game will be buzzing for years and this news only reinforces that. Among the paid cosmetic characterizations of Halo Infinite, there is one that is going crazy in the community, it turns out: it’s personalization in cat style for Spartan armor, aptly named “Meowlnir helmet”, which also became a kind of trend on twitter.

The helmet is located inside the Cat Lovers package, which for 45 reais (!!!) allows you to customize your Spartan’s armor with various elements including charm, armor color and several other features, but what stands out the most is certainly the helmet with cat ears.

With all the features complete, the mighty UNSC fighter becomes a bit ridiculous, but that seems to please a good part of the community. Many are commenting on how this helmet now looks. particularly popular with gamers, with ample chances of finding him in online matches recently.

It’s not the first time in Halo that we’ve seen some slightly over-the-top customizations, even though 343 Industries has decided to maintain a certain behavior in that regard in Halo Infinite, as evidenced also by the decision to eliminate dazzling as unlockable emotes. However, that didn’t stop the arrival of the Meowlnir helmet, which is rapidly climbing the preference charts.

The success of the package in question could, however, lead 343 Industries to scale up this approach from selling content to personalization, which targets packages that are also quite expensive, rather than unique elements, and is something users are a little concerned about. .

Either way, it seems that the passion for the cat-ear helmet goes beyond those fears, judging by the results. Meanwhile, the Winter Contingency event kicked off in Halo Infinite with free rewards for everyone.