Halo Infinite: The Facture Tenrai event departs tomorrow but will return next year

In a Twitter post, 343 Industries announced that the Halo Infinite multiplayer Fracture: Tenrai event will end tomorrow, November 30 at 15 hours in Brazil. Likewise, the playlist of Fiesta, presented along with the event, will no longer be available. Both will be active again during the course of Season 1.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta has been received well. more than positive by the players, with excellent numbers in terms of active users and positive feedback for shootings and game pace. What they liked least is the progression of Battle Pass and getting rewards in Fracture: Tenrai. In particular, criticism is directed at the speed of unlocking rewards and the fact that XP is tied to taking on daily and weekly challenges that require you to play a certain way or with specific weapons.

As mentioned earlier, Fracture: Tenrai and the Fiesta playlist will no longer be available from 3pm in Brazil tomorrow, Tuesday, November 30th. Anyway, as you probably already know, the event will be available again several times during Season 1, with the next meeting scheduled for January 2022. Likewise, the Fiesta is also expected to return in the coming weeks.

The Fracture: Tenrai of Halo Infinite limited time event presents 30 levels of free rewards to unlock through weekly challenges, with the biggest reward being a samurai armor. Fiesta is a team slayer mode in which the first player to reach fifty kills wins, with the particularity of each player having a random weapon supplied to each respawn.