Halo Infinite: The one-year delay was a decision that put players first

Joseph Staten, the creative director of Halo Infinite, spoke again in an interview with IGN about the year of postponement of the game, stating that it was mainly a choice that placed the players ahead of everything, including the money..

The original plans were to release Halo Infinite alongside the Xbox Series X and S, as Microsoft has repeatedly stated and demonstrated by the console’s marketing campaign, in which the new Halo was very present but the game’s first gameplay was shown in the year . received very negative reactions from players, which led developers and editors to delay.

Staten: “There was a pressure tremendous to stay on course. I think it’s a wonderful example of how the leadership of the Xbox did the right thing for fans and gamers, even if it irritated them, even if were there costs to pay. It was a decision that put players first and I’m proud that my studio and Xbox got it. “

In another interview, in this case with Eurogamer, Staten revealed how the extra development time was good for Halo Infinite, because it allowed it to run very well on all platforms: “There are many more examples I could do, including by making sure it works well on all platforms. We simply committed to following a few principles and then some important goals, following them for campaign and multiplayer. “

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is now available free for PC and Xbox. Instead, the single player campaign will launch on December 8, 2021, across all platforms.