Halo Infinite topped views on Twitch during its first major tournament

Halo Infinite is holding up very well among Steam’s most played games, but not only that, it has managed to become the most watched game on the world’s largest streaming game network, Amazon’s Twitch. It’s a great feat to beat big names that are established there, such as League of Legends, Minecraft, GTA V, Valorant, among others.

The news was brought by analyst Benji Sales who reports that Halo Infinite reached 150,000 spectators in its first major competitive championship. This is the best way to start, right? This may have been the most watched Halo tournament of all time, but Sales isn’t entirely sure about that.

I’m seeing more Halo Infinite Esports conversation in my feed than Halo. I never saw anything Really about Halo 5 tournaments, for example

I wonder if I can really find a competitive landscape of long-term success. 116,000 viewers on Twitch with nearly half coming from a tournament.

After the tweet above things grew:

Halo Infinite hit the game #1 on Twitch Tonight with more than 150 thousand spectators with its first major competitive tournament.

It also looks like it could be among the most watched Halo Tournaments of all time.

Very interesting element if they can have long term success with their competitive landscape.

As you can see, Halo Infinite it’s coming really strong this end of the year, and it won’t be long. December 8th will mark the return of this mythical saga that is already making waves on social media.