Halo Infinite: Trailer shows us how Master Chief’s claw was born

Halo’s official YouTube channel shared a new live action trailer dedicated to the new chapter of the next saga: Halo Infinite. Precisely, this video – called Project Magnes – allows us to find out how the grappling hook, the ganhco, that Master Chief can use in the game was created.

The hook, known as Grappleshot, allows you to attract light objects, such as weapons or barrels, that can be used in combat towards you. In addition, it allows you to launch yourself towards objects and move vertically. This is an important new feature, especially if inserted in a larger environment, such as the open world Halo Infinite: Fighting can give the game a whole new rhythm and style.

The new trailer however, focuses on the story of the hook and the civil engineer who created this item and “changed the Spartan 117’s arsenal forever”. The woman, according to the video, created this tool in hopes that the UNSC would adopt it and integrate it into the Master Chief’s combat arsenal.

The Halo Infinite trailer explains that “Project Magnes” is the name of the hook prototype made by the woman. The video shows us the creation process and the tests carried out, to then reach the final version. It’s a very cinematic video and speaks more about the human side behind the creation than about the technical and scientific component.