Halo Infinite: what time will the campaign be available?

In the wake of the announcement of its transition to Gold status, which means that the development is complete and that the game is ready to be distributed in stores, Halo Infinite reveals its availability times around the world. At what time can we play the long-awaited and long-awaited campaign?

You don’t want to be late for this event, right? 343 Industries has just communicated release schedules for the upcoming and long-awaited episode of the Halo franchise. After a successful launch of the multiplayer beta, which we are announcing in our columns, the campaign mode is gradually being revealed and will soon arrive in our hands.

Unlike a Forza Horizon 5, which proved to be affordable, time zone after time zone, the release of Halo Infinite will be simultaneous around the world. Thus, it will be necessary to have time differences linked to real time. In Brazil’s time zone we can consider ourselves happy, as the game will be available at 3 pm on wednesday, December 8, 2021, allowing us to enjoy it in the mid-afternoon.

As a reminder, Halo Infinite will be released nearly 20 years after the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, the series’ founding episode, and will return to the franchise’s roots by promoting the exploration of a Halo controlled by a breakaway alliance faction called “the Banned” .