Halo’s Master Chief might not have existed: “it was just multiplayer”

The historic first chapter of Halo immediately captured the interest of its fans, thanks to a well-crafted single player campaign with Master Chief, a hero who immediately entered the collective imagination of video games and is already one of the big names that marked the industry.

Today all the adventures of the iconic Xbox saga can be played thanks to the Game Pass, but according to the statements by Bungie, author of the first chapters of the series, things could have been different.

To get an idea of ​​how important the single player component remains for Halo fans, just remember the fan controversy over the impossibility of repeating missions in Infinite: a situation that 343 Industries has already clarified is only temporary.

In an interview with Retro Gamer magazine (via GamesRadar+), one of the programmers of Halo Combat Evolved, the chapter that introduced the saga around the world, revealed that Master Chief could not have existed, as it was not originally planned. Before there would be no Halo campaign, it would only be multiplayer.

Stefan Sinclair said that when work began on Halo in 1999, the only way for developers to play with it was to connect to a server. Xbox’s initial idea was actually to use Halo Combat Evolved to show the full potential of Xbox Live: Should be a launch title for the console’s multiplayer service.

happily, Microsoft and Bungie later changed their minds and also created the game’s legendary Halo campaign, which allowed the shooting title to become one of the most iconic Xbox franchises. Despite the incredible and growing popularity of the multiplayer component, as also demonstrated by the exceptional Halo Infinite, it’s indeed hard to imagine how the series could have “evolved” without some of the most iconic single player missions.