Haunted Chocolatier: Stardew Valley Developer Announces New RPG Sim

Eric Barone alias Haunted Chocolatier remains true to his pixel style: The developer of the successful Stardew Valley has once again announced a mix of role play and life simulation with Haunted Chocolatier, whose screenshots show his handwriting immediately.

Initially a release on the PC is planned, but Baron intends to bring it to the “other major platforms” as well. In contrast to the still relatively common focus on agriculture and relationships in Stardew Valley, he wants to use his new title to “explore more fantastic possibilities … experiences that take you beyond the ordinary”. And that’s exactly where the magical ghost chocolate comes into play.

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While the chocolate represented something delightful, the haunted castle stood for the lure of the unknown and the ghosts for an “imprint of the past”. The feel of the game, however, is not malicious or negative, but positive and life-affirming, although the energy of the moon is used here rather than the sun, as in Stardew Valley. Both types of energy are important.

In a playful way, you concentrate on obtaining ingredients, producing the candy and running a chocolate shop. Much more is planned, but the developer does not want to commit to it yet. The development is still at an early stage.

After the long development period of Stardew Valley, interested players shouldn’t have too much hope for a quick release. In our estimation, a release could still be a few years away. You can find the detailed FAQ on the official website here.