Here’s 15 Minutes Of Anacrusis, Coming To Xbox Game Pass Next Week

Anacrusis was showcased by IGN with a gameplay video that contains the first 15 minutes of the campaign, in this case the PC version of the game, but will also be released on Xbox consoles.

available from January 13 in Early Access for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, Anacrusis will be available for download at no additional cost to subscribers Xbox Game Pass, and this is undoubtedly a great reason to test this intriguing experiment cooperative.

In fact, we are facing a kind of clone de Left 4 Dead with sci-fi sauce, but with strong vibes from the the 70’s: a mix that is certainly bizarre, but which in the end could work and give the game a precise personality.

Trapped aboard a huge spaceship, we will have to face together with three other players the almost endless hordes of passengers transformed into hostile aliens, as well as the inevitable special enemies that will surprise you during your exploration.