Here’s an hour of Far Cry 6 game running on Xbox Series X

Before its October release, Ubisoft released some impressive Far Cry 6 gameplay, running on the all-powerful Xbox Series X. So get ready to see what the Frenchwoman has to offer the next generation of Microsoft.

The images themselves are quite similar to previous Far Cry titles and don’t seem to be reinventing the wheel much. It seems to be taking some inspiration from Far Cry New Dawn, most notably the inclusion of RPG elements such as enemy health bars. The game also seems to be running wonderfully on Xbox Series X, with some beautiful graphic effects e Smooth 60fps.

You can check out the video below:

Some previews of the game have also surfaced on the internet and seem to echo the sentiment we’ve collected from this game. VGC says the setting for “Yara is the biggest setting in the history of Far Cry” but takes “small steps forward”. Other previews, such as Game Informer, are curious to see how Ubisoft balances the game’s lighter tones with “the story of an island in political peril.”

Far Cry 6 seems to be the biggest in the mythical saga so far, even despite the omission of a map editor and arcade mode. There’s not much to wait as the game arrives for Xbox One, Series X and Series S in October 7th.

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