Hideo Kojima would like to play Deathloop but has problems with FPS

Hideo Kojima is also fascinated by Deathloop, apparently with the famous game designer who talked about Arkane’s new game on Twitter claiming he wants to play it but is afraid of not succeeding because of problems he has with FPS, like nausea Where nausea.

Kojima always talks a lot on social media about his tastes and various personal activities, so it’s no wonder he shared his interest in Deathloop. The game from Arkane and Xbox Game Studios received excellent critical reception, with first enthusiastic notes on industry websites demonstrating how the Dishonored and Prey team came back to attack.

The inherent originality of the gameplay and the construction of the game world could only attract the attention of Hideo Kojima, who was always very inclined to try new video game experiences if they tended towards innovation, as he had demonstrated days ago also with Twelve Minutes Xbox Game Pass, but in this case obviously there is a problem.

Kojima reports having difficulty playing FPS due to what he calls “3D seasickness” : is a type of nausea or dizziness that can result from first-person games based on the player’s rapid movement. Framing and identification with game visualization, which can affect a certain amount of users, sometimes based on the dynamism or speed of the action.

It is clear that Kojima fits into this audience share, and this could also tell us something about the author’s own productions: in such a situation, it will be difficult for Kojima Productions to engage in first-person games.