Hotfix fixes performance problems caused by yesterday’s update patch

Yesterday, Thursday, Amazon Game Studios finally received the November 1.1 update for New World (from 39,99€ at pre-order) released. While that had some interesting new features and content in its luggage, it also brought some problems with it.

Shortly after the release of the update, the complaints from the players about sometimes severe lags and performance drops, which were particularly noticeable in the PvP wars, increased. In addition, the general stability of New World was not in great shape. As a result, the developers were forced to shut down the online role-playing game’s servers for more than two hours at noon today in order to carry out maintenance work. A hotfix should be installed for the problems that the team previously tested internally.

The maintenance work has now been completed and the servers are back online. Only the realms from the “US East” region need a little more time. According to initial reports from the players, the problems with both the performance and the general stability of New World have improved significantly.

New World went live on PC on September 28, 2021. You can read the test assessment of the online role-playing game on here.

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