How to play Xbox Series X games on Xbox One via the cloud

For several years, Microsoft has followed a path marked by the exploitation of services as main weapon to try to conquer the reign of the consoles. First, the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass opened a door that few imagined would have the impact it has today; and, second, the invasion of xCloud, the company’s game streaming service, which allows users to enjoy almost the entire Xbox Game Pass catalog from almost any device via the cloud.

Without going any further, at the end of last month Microsoft announced an innovation for xCloud and device support. This service is now available in beta form on Brazil and you can enjoy it.

In addition, last week big news was also confirmed for the service, as we learned that the Xbox Series X is already the xCloud engine, which means the service runs on hardware similar to that seen on the next-gen console. From Microsoft, being able to offer a resolution of 1080p 60 fps e faster loading times no problem.

But this news is not solely a performance improvement. The most important thing that the Xbox Series X hardware already is that moves xCloud, and after confirming the service for consoles, is that Xbox One users will be able to play Xbox Series X games. This implies a substantial improvement in the lifetime of the latest generation hardware, as thanks to the streaming game, not only will you be able to enjoy games with a higher quality than that offered by the game for your platform, but you will also be able to enjoy the next games of new generations like A Plague Tale: Requiem, Stalker 2, Starfield and Redfall.

Although, as we’ve already said, this possibility is currently only available to users of the Xbox inside program, the Windows Club will tell you how to play Xbox Series X games on Xbox One through xCloud, allowing us to extend the life of our previous generation hardware.

  1. Turn on our Xbox console.
  2. On the dashboard, go to the Xbox Game Pass section.
  3. Once inside the Xbox Game Pass section, go to the “Cloud Gaming” or cloud gaming section.
  4. Select the game you want to play and choose the “Play” option with the cloud symbol.

You can also use the Microsoft Edge app and search the Xbox Cloud Gaming page. The service works per site too, so we recommend you try both ways. Some people preferred to play through the browser.

  • Go to your Xbox’s Microsoft Edge app.
  • Entre neste site do Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Is so simple answer the question of how to play Xbox Series X games on Xbox One. While almost all xCloud titles are also available on Xbox One, there are others, like The Medium Where Microsoft Flight Simulator, which did not reach the previous console from Microsoft and, with this simple form, can be enjoyed by Xbox One users, without the need to jump to the new generation.

You’ll also be able to play Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite with higher quality graphics via the cloud, and these games will be released in November and December, respectively.

What do you think of the news?