How to return digital games and request a refund in 2021

For a long time we have been demanding that Microsoft be able to obtain a refund of the amount of our digital games if they do not comply with what is expected. It didn’t make sense that in a generation where we moved almost hand in hand to digital, only physical games had the option of being returned by their buyers. But luckily that has been history for a few years as the Redmond team finally added the concept “refund“Which is nothing other than request a refund for a game that you have previously purchased.

So far everything is candy and sweets, but there are a series of conditions that you must meet if you want to use the Microsoft Store Refund, which is how this type of digital game returns is called, from Xbox Support they require you to comply with these rules:

  1. You must not have played the game for more than two hours.
  2. No more than 14 business days can pass from purchase to request for return.

How to return a game and request the subscription?

Now that you know that you have a time limit to test the game and reapply, it is time for us to get down to work to return it. For this tutorial we want do it from the console itself, although it is also possible to do it from the web browser you are using at any time, be it mobile or PC. To return the title we have to move to the following route:

  1. Setting.
  2. Bill.
  3. Payments and Billing.
  4. Shopping history.

Once we click there, a window will open in Microsoft Edge from the Xbox and now we only have to use the console control to scroll down until we find the game that we have bought and want to return. If all goes well, we should see a link to click on that says: “Request Refund.” Once that is done, we will not have to do anything other than wait for Microsoft to transfer the money back to our account. It is usually immediate, but sometimes it may take longer than necessary.

How to request an Xbox refund on PC

If we want to simplify everything much more, we can do it from the PC by going to this same link where we will have to choose the route:

  1. Payments and billing.
  2. Orders history.

The rest of the procedure is identical to the one we have followed with Xbox One and Xbox Series. So we hope that this tutorial will help you to better enjoy your purchases. If you need more tutorials to take advantage of your Xbox, visit the link.