Hurricane Ida appears to be quite scary in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hurricane Ida unfortunately began to hit New Orleans over the weekend, leaving the city without power, and Microsoft Flight Simulator has become a popular destination to watch your way from the sky.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft Flight Sim has the ability to activate the weather in real time if you want, and so Hurricane Ida has been replicated in-game, with some amazing images popping up on the internet as a result:

As you can imagine, Hurricane Ida is getting all the attention in Flight Simulator at the moment, with many players coming to see what it looks like. It is a breathtaking sight, no doubt, albeit quite frightening.

The inXile team from Xbox Game Studios is located right in one of the places where Hurricane Ida passes and they posted this message yesterday (29):

We have an eye on Hurricane Ida and our employees in New Orleans. Most chose to evacuate as the storm maintained/increased its strength. We are performing check-ins as permitted by the energy/cellular service and staying in touch with Microsoft emergency response teams.

Try it for yourself (don’t forget, Microsoft Flight Simulator is included in the Game Pass for Xbox Series X, Series S and PC) and it goes without saying that if you’re in the New Orleans area, you’ll do it safely in comfort. from your home.