Implementation adapted to VR possibilities has been released for Oculus Quest 2

The time has come since 7 p.m.: Facebook’s Oculus Studios, in cooperation with developer Armature and Capcom, have released the new VR edition of Resident Evil 4 (from 19,64€ at available for purchase or download in the official store. The action adventure is available for 39.99 euros exclusively for Oculus Quest 2, the “old” Quest is no longer supported.

“Explore the world of” Resident Evil 4 “in this newly developed version for VR in a whole new way. As special agent Leon S. Kennedy you are to rescue the daughter of the US president who has been kidnapped by a mysterious sect Find your way through the remote village, face challenging opponents, uncover secrets and experience the genre-defining gameplay up close. You will fight against nightmarish creatures infected with the Las Plagas parasite and against aggressive opponents, such as the brainwashed villagers, must exist to uncover their connection to Los Illuminados – the sect behind the kidnapping.


  • New VR interactions that let you completely immerse yourself in the role of Leon S. Kennedy, now in a real first person perspective.
  • Immersive VR environments, thanks to which you completely immerse yourself in the mysterious world of ‘Resident Evil 4’.
  • Breathtaking, high-resolution graphics, specially designed for VR. “