In celebration of Skyrim, Bethesda showcases Starfield’s new concept art

Today the mythical Skyrim is completing an incredible 10 years, and Bethesda released several new features for the game as we said earlier, and one of them was a great show with an orchestra that really was worth the show. In the final moments of this exhibition we had a surprise of their next big game, Starfield’s new concept arts.

Since announcing Starfield’s release date at E3 2021, Bethesda has been very generous with teasers about the space travel game. To the delight of Bethesda fans, the official Bethesda Softworks channel on Twitch has released a handful of images giving fans an best starfield notion through concept art.

That kind of insight is quite rare in game development, so it’s great to see Bethesda open the curtain for fans. Bethesda has sometimes emphasized that Starfield is their first new gaming universe in decades, which makes their opening on the Starfield development process very special.

If you are interested, check it out. the new three images below:

We can see futuristic cities, one of them even reminiscent of Cyberpunk, and we also have a spaceship on some planet that we will certainly explore. The Starfield concept art shared above offers a great insight into the types of planets and cities players will visit.

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