Indiana Jones game will feature an original story never seen before

MachineGames has made a name for itself in the video game industry thanks to its excellent work with the series. Wolfenstein, whose last games he was responsible. Now, with the rumors about the number of the third chapter increasing, we know that they are preparing a long-awaited game: Indiana Jones. As revealed earlier this year, Nordic studio was chosen within Bethesda to develop this new IP title owned by LucasFilm and Disney.

In addition, we learned that Todd Howard, Bethesda CEO and responsible for the direction of the new Starfield, was also involved in the project as Executive producer.

With all that, the wickers for this new project are simply ideal. Of course, since the announcement of the game, which was made with a small teaser, we don’t know more details about the game until today, in which Howard revealed new data in an interview with IGN. In this interview, he also detailed what his role as executive producer is and what differences he has with the role of director of a project. in essence, your work is more about creative support and control. which, depending on what stage the game is at, can be once a week or a month.

When I’m an executive producer, it’s a game I’m looking into. It’s not daily, it can be once a week, it can be once a month, depending on the state of the game. On the other hand, when I’m directing a game, it’s a more everyday activity.

On the other hand, it’s more related to the project itself, Todd revealed that a decade ago it had already presented to LucasFilm an idea for an Indiana Jones game that, however, fell through. A concept that was reactivated with the purchase by Disney of the company George Lucas and that, at that time, the MachineGames emerged as the ideal candidate for this new development.

A key factor in his choice was, as he himself remarks, that many of the studio’s workers have already worked on another adaptation, The Chronicles of Riddick, a game developed by Starbreeze that made it to the original Xbox. With that prior knowledge and the good atmosphere of the studio, Howard did not hesitate to suggest that they work with a license as powerful as Indina Jones.

Finally, and to finish his speech about this new work of MachineGames, Howard commented that the story of this new adaptation of Indiana Jones is totally original. This, as he points out, is an original creative work developed between him and the studio, in a creative symbiosis that promises to mark a before and an after with the franchise.

Indiana Jones is a game that is currently in production and has no release date. pay attention to the Windows Club since we’re keeping an eye on everything about this title that promises to be quite promising.