Indie competition for The Sims in progress

The Sims could face serious competition soon as a life simulation game. The Paralives Studio founded by Alex Massé is currently working on the debut Paralive. The indie team calls their project a “dollhouse life simulation game” in which players build houses, create characters and manage their lives in an open world.

Paralives is still in the pre-alpha phase and has no release date yet. However, the Paralives team already provides insights into some of the functions that are under development, such as house building. The game offers innovative building tools that can already be admired in a first showcase video. They should be easy to use, but also suitable for experienced house builders. As with The Sims, players will be allowed to direct the lives of their Parafolks, as the developers call the characters in the game, and let them lead either a happy or, if desired, an unhappy life.

The Paralives team recently introduced additional character creation tools. They seem to be far more extensive than in Sims 4. The accompanying showcase video shows that a number of sliders can be used to adjust the entire dimensions of the characters’ bodies. You can almost literally change anything from head to toe at will. Another highlight is probably the body hair and the tattoos. There is no body hair in Sims outside of Mods. All tattoos on the body can be scaled, rotated and placed freely. So far, there are only a handful of pre-made skin tones. The developers promise in the video that they will add more. However, there is already a skin tone tool with which you can create your own skin tones from a palette or a color wheel.

Paralive is to be released for PC and Mac.

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