Invasion update brings more enemies, relics and traps

For the Early Access version of Phantom Abyss (from 22,99€ at the Invasion Update is available. It includes new enemies (marauding ghosts), new relics, more phantoms, and even more traps. You can find the change log here.

Return Digital: “The temples are now a single path to the inferno for all who enter them, forcing any lost soul to join you as soon as you enter a temple. The relic chambers in the ruins and caves now contain several relics, but it may be that the players get nothing more than a sack of sand – if other adventurers with the luckier have already found the booty. In the inferno, however, lies the key to freeing the phantoms and to the eternal sealing of a temple. New obstacles are among the new obstacles vertically rotating blades, new speeds and patterns for rolling logs, new slide sections and incendiary breakers – but that’s not all: Flying bombs chase you and explode on impact as the devious defenders break free from their chains to attack those who are clumsy are enough to get too close to them, floating bombs and Dart mines round off the explosive additions in the temples and ensure that every passage is more dangerous and explosive than the one before! “

Last updated video: Invasion Update