Is Microsoft preparing to buy IO Interactive? Insider Klobrille talks about the case

Will Microsoft’s next acquisition be IO Interactive? After recent developments, this is a possibility that many see as concrete, and insider Klobrille was asked about it.

Yesterday came the announcement of Hitman Trilogy, available on Xbox Game Pass at launch, and it was natural to think of a rapprochement between the house of Redmond and the development team of the famous stealth action series. Well, how are things?

“There are some very clear signs of a good relationship between the two sides, which could get even stronger with Project Dragon,” Klobrille wrote. “Jez (Corden, editor’s note) isn’t confirming anything, he just says what many of us already think; but no one knows whether or not this situation leads to a real takeover.

“I’m only considering the short-term issues: you get nothing if the products that this team creates are already tied to your subscription,” added the source, referring precisely to episodes of the Hitman series.

“If we see it more as a defensive maneuver to secure content that goes far beyond existing contracts, an acquisition would obviously make sense.” We’ll see.

It is speculated that the purchase is indeed possible, and both Microsoft and IO Interactive are in the “test” phase. An Xbox exclusive game should come out as a result of this partnership, currently titled “Project Dragon” and as the name suggests, will have dragons as a base. This game could be pivotal, in addition to the reception of Hitman himself in Game Pass.