It is now possible to download The Gunk on Xbox Game Pass, and the download is small

The Gunk was one of the surprises announced at Xbox Showcase 2020. The new title developed by Image & Form Games has already been confirmed to arrive exclusively to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, in addition to the creators themselves. The game exclude the gunk will arrive at launch on any platform other than Xbox. although, theNow that you can pre-download The Gunk, which will also arrive on the first day of the Xbox Game Pass, we know how small it will be on our console to install the game.

The Gunk pre-download on Xbox takes only 10,51 GB, you can expect on the day a typical patch, as we can confirm that this third-person survival game, where we have to explore, create and survive on an unknown planet, does not have a weight for anything significant.

In The Gunk we have Rani, part of our space transport duo, struggling to make a living when she stumbles across a virgin planet teeming with life. Rani and her colleague have come in search of valuable resources and it seems they’ve hit the jackpot… As they discover the latent secrets of a destroyed civilization, they must fight a toxic parasite, the goo, as well as a distrust that no longer grows.

Use your power glove to clear the mud, discover ancient secrets and heal the planet. Enjoy the relationship the crew builds as you explore this unique planet. Use your intelligence and reflexes to overcome the challenges that await you. What stories are hidden in this mysterious abandoned world?