It is now possible to play Halo Infinite’s split-screen multiplayer

The question of how Halo Infinite’s split-screen multiplayer can be played is answered in a very simple way. And this is great news for several reasons. The Halo series is known for its local split-screen feature, which has been featured in almost all of their games. And that’s almost the reason why split-screen feedback is so important in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. In Halo 5, as everyone knows, this option was not available.

The good news is that the split screen is back in Halo Infinite, but just not Xbox. Now you can play with up to four friends locally, just like it did in the good old days and could only be revived in the Master Chief Collection. To be able to play Halo Infinite multiplayer mode in a split screen, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

While it’s a simple thing to do, to play Halo Infinite’s split-screen multiplayer, Xbox users will need to have their own account. Currently, there seems to be an issue with guest accounts when trying to play split screen. Also, split screen is only available on Xbox, but the feature will likely be added to PC later. To get split-screen playback, follow these steps:

  1. Open the multiplayer lobby.
  2. Turn on the second control and select a user. (You can up to 4 players)

  3. If everything works fine, you can play split screen.

  4. As this is Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta, there will definitely be issues with any of their consoles and it looks like split screen is one of them. It may take a few tries before getting your friends into the game, but keep trying and eventually you can play together.