It may be possible for you to play God of War on Xbox Series X|S via Microsoft Edge

God of War, 2018

GeForce Now has been in the spotlight in recent days. In fact, Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming service will soon offer RTX 3080 graphics cards in an all-new offering alongside the standard subscription and free model. This announcement, accompanied by several latency comparisons including xCloud, was also an opportunity to discover that it will soon be possible again to take advantage of the service on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft recently released the definitive version of its new Microsoft Edge browser for Xbox. This new Chromium-based version lets you enjoy smoother browsing, but also several cloud gaming services directly on your console.

During the beta phase, Edge was compatible with the GeForce Now service and made it possible to enjoy titles like Death Stranding via Xbox. The service was later blocked in Microsoft’s browser.

Today we learned through The Verge that the lock should be removed soon and that it will again be possible to enjoy GeForce Now through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Along with these data center upgrades, Nvidia will also launch a new GeForce Now client today. Includes beta support for the Microsoft Edge browser, which should also allow Xbox owners to stream PC games to their consoles through Edge. The update also includes Nvidia’s new Adaptive Sync technology, which will improve latency even for GeForce Now members not opting for the new RTX 3080 level.

It will be possible to play several PC games, including God of War, the popular one on Playstation as it had been leaked right on the GeForce Now list. Chances are high for the possibility of playing these games on Xbox if you are interested. And that goes for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Although we must be careful, everything suggests that we will also be able to enjoy GeForce Now on Xbox again soon. Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation.