Kamiya apologizes to Microsoft and players for Scalebound’s problems in new interview

Scalebound is a game that was eventually cancelled, but its controversies have raged for years. In a chapter in Cutscenes’ Kamiya Chronicles interview series, the Platinum Games director explains why Scalebound didn’t go the way it was supposed to. During the interview, he apologize to Microsoft and people who were eager to play the game.

It was never fully clarified what really happened so that this very promising game, in which even gameplays were already being released, could have been canceled. However, everything suggested that Platinum was more to blame than Microsoft itself.

According to the interview, Kamiya says:

We weren’t experienced enough and we couldn’t go over that wall, leading to what happened in the end.” and “I’m sorry to Microsoft for having placed its trust in us as a business partner”.

The interview doesn’t just revolve around Scalebound. Kamiya also talks about The Wonderful 101. It is the sixth episode in a series about Hideki Kamiya. Previous episodes are about games like Bayonetta and Okami. One more episode will be released in December.