Kid receives an Xbox Series X as a Christmas present and his reaction goes viral on the internet

It’s not easy to find an Xbox Series X in stores this Christmas due to its high demand and unfortunately stocks can’t keep up. However, one boy was quite surprised to find a new-gen console from Microsoft in his living room, and best of all, the video game is inspired by the mythical Halo franchise.

Remember that Microsoft is marketing an Xbox Series X console inspired by Halo Infinite, and it was precisely this that the boy got as a Christmas surprise. What calls the most attention here is your reaction, which went viral on the internet last weekend.

Even Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg shared this on his social media. If you’re curious to see it, check out the reaction in the video below:

It must be gratifying for the team at Microsoft to see that their product manages to convey emotions to people in the Christmas season and in difficult times for the whole world. Without a doubt, this little boy had a merry Christmas.