Kojima and Xbox’s game would be from an existing IP, but not Silent Hill

The Kojima and Xbox game continues to be a buzzword, although nothing has been confirmed at the moment. It is possible that the title will be presented during the gala of The Game Awards; an event that Microsoft has been using to present authentic bombings for some time. Xbox Series X or Hellblade 2, which could be back this year, are proof of that – in addition to Perfect Dark. Thus, considering the great relationship between Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley, it wouldn’t be unusual for Kojima and Xbox’s game to debut at this year’s event. Although, to the surprise of many, may be from an existing IP, not a new one..

“Apparently Kojima and Xbox’s game would be from an existing IP. From an IP that already exists for Xbox or an IP that already exists in general? Not sure about that yet. They just told me this title is from an IP that already exists, not a new one,” commented insider Nick Shpeshal on the Xbox Era podcast.

Shpeshal himself later clarified that he doubts this IP is Silent Hill. So if the latest rumors about the franchise’s comeback are true, it won’t be from Kojima Productions. Nor does it mean that Kojima Productions is permanently tied to Microsoft because, so far, the deal has only been given for that game.

What do you think? What IP could be back?