Kojima has his eye on Xbox: In love with Hellblade II

There is no doubt that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is one of the most talked about games after The Game Awards ceremony last week. The game Ninja Theory, in fact, showed a sequel to particularly impressive gameplay, with transitions between to the preset parts and gameplay in a way already well known in the first Hellblade.

While it remains to be seen what our heroine’s narrative trajectory will be – considering that the original Hellblade ended in a surprising way – it must be said that her next adventure is attracting the attention of many people. Including Hideo Kojima.

The famous Japanese creator, who this time was unable to appear in person at the TGA, shared in his profile the game video published on December 10 from the official Ninja Theory account, accompanied by some enthusiastic emojis.

Kojima’s twitter is part of a series of rumors that the game’s director would like thisr close to the Xbox world in his next project, after Death Stranding was developed under the umbrella and protective wing of the PlayStation. We know, for a fact, that Ninja Theory is now under the label of Xbox Game Studios.

Whatever the future of Kojima Productions, which recently also opened a division dedicated to non-interactive media, we know Kojima-san’s enthusiasm warmed the heart of Melina Juergens. The actress who plays Senua, and who is part of Ninja Theory as a video editor, shared Kojima’s message, thanking your appreciation.

The original Hellblade, though rigid in some playful ways, was widely spoken for its ability to talk about psychosis and allow for deep insight into the protagonist’s psyche. With an absolutely effective binaural audio system, the game took Senua to hostile environments where the Celtic warrior tried to put an end to some events that had shaken her past.

In the journey, however, some malevolent and evil creatures and above all her own mind, Senua discovered before her a difficult path full of dangers. And the worst found a home in the voices inside her head. Of course, the sequel will continue these questions.