KOTOR Remake is a temporary exclusive, coming to Xbox Series X|S later

Many fondly remember what KOTOR offered when it first appeared on Xbox and PC. A game that was ahead of its time at that time, with refined gameplay and a very satisfying experience.

The strangest of all is that the game that opened the Playstation Showcase 2021 event was Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, a title that was released exclusively for Xbox and PC, and that was created by Obsidian Entertainment, currently owned by Microsoft . We have a contradiction here, right?

And is that KOTOR Remake is officially announced as a PC game and exclusive release on PlayStation consoles. What has been a play on words not to make the temporary exclusivity official.

It was confirmed by the report of the person responsible for the study via Twitter with a message that makes it clear that this is it, “Exclusive Release”. Soon, after an unspecified amount of time, it should be released on Xbox Series X|S.

How and when it will arrive on Xbox is a mystery, but it’s certainly good news for gamers who were eager to get it.