Last major update and paid holiday home agency in November

On November 5th, Nintendo will deliver Animal Crossing: New Horizons (from 41,99 at Buy) content replenishment, in two ways: Then both the last major free update to version 2.0 of the game and the paid downloadable content “Happy Home Paradise” (€ 24.99) will appear.

  • “The free, new content includes a café, boat tours with caps and lots of new design options
  • Players can visit a market on Harvey Island, grow new varieties of vegetables and prepare delicious meals
  • In addition, Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise will be available for purchase, a game pack that can be used to set up vacation homes on an archipelago

Contents of the free update

The free update gives players new facilities and characters. They also receive additional support from the service center and can use new game mechanics.

Here is a selection of the new content that will be available from November 5th:

  • Kofi opens the Caf Taubenschlag: In one corner of the museum, Kofi is allowed to open the Caf Taubenschlag as soon as the players have done museum director Eugen a favor. Here you can take a relaxed break and enjoy handpicked coffee. You also run into some islanders here. Using the amiibo phone in the caf, you can use compatible amiibo cards to invite other residents to have a drink together. If you like, you can even meet your friends, who also have a copy of the game, in the Taubenschlag café.
  • A boat tour with the Kpten: At the pier, Kpten is waiting for the games: rinnen to take them across to one of the remote islands. (…)
  • Dig up gyroids: While the islanders were only able to dig up fossils inside, they now also find gyroids that are hidden in the ground. Each has a very individual sound. The gyroids can be redesigned to fit the environment perfectly.
  • The open market on Harvey’s Island: With the support of his girlfriend Trude, Harvey expands his island and invites some shops to participate in an open market on the island. The players can donate sternis to make the project a reality and thus ensure that well-known island visitors such as Reiner, Aziza and Schubert open their own shops. In addition, Rosina and Bjrn offer their remodeling services here, giving players versions of objects that they cannot make themselves. In her tent, Smeralda predicts what kind of luck or bad luck awaits the players on the day and Trude teaches the players new hairstyles.
  • Prepare food: In addition to the instructions for handicrafts, there will now also be instructions for food preparation. If you grow tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes or carrots on your island, you can combine your crops with each other or with other ingredients and thus bring delicious meals to the table. Bon Appetit!
  • Additional support in everyday island life: Nook Inc. would like to offer even more support to players who have chosen island life! Therefore, in addition to group gymnastics on the fairground and an extended camp at home, there are now island ordinances that island speakers can issue. These island ordinances can, among other things, stipulate that all islanders are on their feet early. Or that the weeds grow more slowly – and island owners can leave their island for a while without worrying about it. (…)

Additional play fun through the chargeable game expansion

In addition to the free update, players can use the paid expansion Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise from November 5th to add additional aspects to their island life. As a member of the holiday home agency team, you have the opportunity to design holiday homes for dozens of characters and let them marvel at your design ideas.

Here are just a few experiences that the new add-on enables:

  • Working with Karlotta in the holiday home agency team: Clients with the most varied of wishes for their dream vacation visit a new holiday resort on the various islands of the archipelago, the headquarters of the holiday home agency. (…)
  • Design your dream holiday home: Once you have found a suitable location for the customer’s holiday home, the next step is the interior design and positioning of the furniture that has already been delivered. While players are designing the holiday homes, they learn further design techniques: they can install room dividers, pillars or counters to divide the rooms, choose suitable lighting and background sounds that give the room design more depth, and much more. The outdoor area of ​​the holiday homes can also be designed freely. (…)
  • Remodeling and roommates recommend: The more experience the players gain in design, the more furniture they have at their disposal and the more suggestions they can make. For example, you can recommend remodeling the vacation home with different furniture. You can even suggest two customers to share a holiday home as roommates.
  • Designing public buildings: Karlotta also wants to expand the island on which the holiday home agency is located. The players can help her by converting empty buildings into a school, a restaurant or a café, for example.
  • Inspiration from the network of beautiful houses: Players can take photos of the vacation homes they have designed and save them in their catalog. This in turn can be called up with the NookPhone via the in-game app “Network of beautiful houses”. With this app you can also access your own showroom. There you can see examples of planners from all over the world who have posted their creations online (…) To be able to use the network of beautiful houses, a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online is required.
  • Invite more customers with amiibo: Normally, players are looking for clients in the holiday resort who want to move into their own holiday home. But if you use an amiibo from the current Animal Crossing series, you can invite very specific clients to talk to them about their plans. With the amiibo, you can even design the holiday homes of prominent characters such as Melinda or Nepp & Schlepp.
  • Use skills on the home island as well: Skills that players have acquired through their work at the holiday home agency can also be used on their home island – for example, to redesign their own house. If you give your island residents souvenir chocolates from the holiday home agency, they may also be interested in the archipelago and the holiday homes there. And one day, when the players themselves are experienced designers, they can also make renovation proposals to residents of their island. “

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