Last update with new courses, characters and game modes is here

Five months after the release of Mario Golf: Super Rush (from 41,99€ at buy) Nintendo has now released the last update for the golf game. Version 4.0.0 is now available free of charge for Nintendo Switch and brings numerous innovations to the title. Among other things, all players can look forward to two new courses. These are the legendary highlands, which consist exclusively of par-3 holes – as well as the all-star plateau, which is all about Mario, coins and blocks.

In addition, the golfer selection of Mario Golf: Super Rush with Shy Guy and Wiggler has been expanded by two characters. This means that the courses of the title can now be played with 22 different characters. Finally, there are two other game modes. While in “target golf” you have to move as many balls as possible into a given area, in “one-on, one-putt” it is your job to reach the green with just one shot. The complete patch notes for Update 4.0.0 with further balancing adjustments have been published on the Nintendo website.

Mario Golf: Super Rush was released for Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021. You can read the test on here.

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