Launch trailer for the diesel punk action starting tomorrow

FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch already proves in trailers that Metroidvania adventures don’t have to look poorly detailed from a side view. In the current promotional video, TiGames and bilibili show which techniques the hero-rammers use to jostle their way through the action platformer. The starting gun (and many more shots) will be fired on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 tomorrow.

Before the launch, PlayStation Plus members will receive a discount of ten percent on the regular retail price (EUR 26.99 instead of EUR 29.99). No date seems to have been set for the PC implementation, which is also planned (see Steam Store). In the game description it says:

“After the animals of Fackelstadt were defeated by the Robot Legion in the Resistance War six years ago, the former resistance fighter Rabbit Rayton held back. But with the arrest of his friends he has no choice but to put on his huge metal fist and fight the oppressors. He but did not know that he would soon get caught up in a conspiracy involving the Legion, the Resistance and the gang of rats.

Explore more than a dozen different zones of the horizontal action game in one map. Numerous hidden rooms, secret paths and the shortest routes are waiting to be explored. Several core gameplays such as fighting, puzzle solving and jumping between platforms are also available. You can win great rewards after completing different challenges. The maps in the game are automatically loaded so that the scenes do not have to be changed frequently and the great torch city becomes more real and delicate.

With the three weapons, iron fist, drill and whip, which have significantly different combat advantages, you can switch smoothly between high combo, high damage and long distance. You can always choose the most suitable attack mode according to the battle situation, so that the enemy cannot resist the force. Players will be challenged by dozens of different enemy types, each with their own weapons and types of attack, and working together to bring the player down. Diverse bosses with different fighting styles offer a new and unique gaming experience.

The game’s diesel punk aesthetic was inspired by diesel internal combustion engines mixed with an eastern urban landscape from a bygone era to give Torch City a unique visual feel. The stark contrast between furry animals and cold-blooded mechanical soldiers shows the visual conflict. The realistic 3D graphics based on Unreal Engine 4 in combination with physics-based rendering raise the horizontal action game to a whole new level of graphics quality. ”

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