Leak gives details of another game from the makers of Star Wars: Eclipse

As is well known, the development studio Quantic Dream is currently working on Star Wars: Eclipse, the release of which is still a long way off. However, it doesn’t seem like the only project the team is busy with. At least that’s what a tweet from ‘AccountNGT’ says.

Accordingly, the second current Quantic Dream project is also a large-scale AAA production. It is said to be based on the demo of The Dark Sorcerer, which was first seen at E3 2013. The previously unknown game is to rely heavily on humorous elements, be set in a medieval fantasy scenario and is already more advanced than Star Wars: Eclipse in terms of development. The core team in Paris is primarily responsible for the work, and a CrossGen release is also planned. The latter could, however, still change. The story is said to come from David Cage and shouldn’t be linear.

In the case of leaks of this type, the question logically always arises as to how reliable the respective source is. ‘AccountNGT’ leaked the existence of Star Wars: Eclipse some time ago, which turned out to be the truth a little later. Other predictions made by this Twitter account were also correct. Until it is confirmed by Quantic Dream, however, as always with rumors or leaks, you should enjoy them with a certain degree of caution.