Leak names date for the big ‘Lunar New Year Sale’

The big Christmas sale on Steam wasn’t all that long ago, and the next big sales campaign in the online shop is already looming. At least that is the current information on the website Steamdb.info, which also contains statistics on the individual Steam games.

According to this, the starting signal for the Lunar New Year Sale on Steam will be given on January 27, 2022, which would take place to match the Chinese New Year festival, which is scheduled for February 1st. According to Steamdb.info, the new sale is scheduled to run until February 3rd, which is relatively short compared to other Steam sales. Still, you would have at least a week to go bargain hunting.

Speaking of bargains: Unfortunately, the information from Steamdb.info does not reveal which offers you can expect as part of the Lunar New Year Sale on Steam. In this regard you will have to wait until next Thursday for better or worse.

By the way, on the mentioned page there is also the specific date for the ‘Next Fest 2022’, which is to take place from February 21 to 28, 2022.