Light Fairytale – Episode 2: Continuation of the Japanese RPG homage is leaving Early Access

On August 30, 2021, the French indie developer released the retro role-playing game Light Fairytale – Episode 2 for PC and officially ended Early Access after three months. On Steam, where the user reviews have all been positive to date, a launch discount of 25 percent on the regular retail price will be granted until September 6th (7.49 euros instead of 9.99 euros). The stand-alone sequel to Light Fairytale – Episode 1 is to be linked directly to the cliffhanger end of the first part, which will be implemented for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The 3D role-playing game, inspired by Japanese role-playing classics of the 1990s such as Final Fantasy 7, relies on turn-based battles and should offer a playing time of around two to three hours with each episode. Light Fairytale takes you to an underground realm that was founded thousands of years ago by the survivors of a global catastrophe, while the destroyed upper world was increasingly forgotten.

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