Lower PlayStation 5 sales predicted for 2022

In an investor meeting, Sony announced that it would sell fewer PlayStation 5s in the coming quarter than initially expected. To be more precise, the expectations were revised downwards: instead of 14.8 million, they now expect only 11.5 million sales, as VentureBeat reports. This corresponds to a decrease of almost 23 percent. Sony noted that the demand for the NextGen console is incredibly high, but their partners cannot supply enough components. This circumstance is related to the global chip shortage. Despite everything, the PlayStation 5 is a smash hit: it managed to sell more in its first year (17.3 million units) than the Wii U in its entire time on the market (13.56 million units). Sony’s long-term goal is the 100 million mark.

But CFO Hiroko Totoki gave investors more numbers. For example, the company earned $7.09 billion from its gaming division between October and December 2021, but compared to last year, revenue fell by $613 million (8.6%). This was mainly due to the declining revenue from hardware. At the end of the event, Totoki also loses a few words about the Bungie takeover. A third of the purchase price of 3.6 billion is earmarked for keeping the staff. Sony could still learn a lot from Bungie when it comes to increasing revenue in the live service area and working on multiple platforms at the same time.