make Wolfenstein III a reality

Hi, how are you? I’m the boy with the poems … Not really, I’m the usual guy, the heavyweight from Wolfenstein III. Those of you who are regulars of Xbox Generation will have already read me (or heard me in the podcasts and GX Talks on Twitch) on more than one occasion defend tooth and nail that MachineGames are developing two projects at the same time: Indiana Jones, and confirmed, and another game I’ve always said is Wolfenstein III.

What they are with two projects seems to be a fairly clear reality, especially due to the latest news we have had about the study. What Wolfentein II is is not so sure, but it is a logical idea. Why Blazkowicz deserves a third installment.

Wolfenstein III, behind a dream since 2020

Let’s take a look at the past. The first time I talked about this possibility was around the 2020 Xbox Game Showcase (yes, where Craig was unveiled). He argued that by tempos and the usual rhythm of the study it was logical that Bethesda will go through the Microsoft show (watch out, months before its purchase, mini point for me) and announce the long-awaited Wolfenstein III. Something that as you can guess did not happen.

The second, and also disastrous, was for E3 2021. Yes, Bethesda presented another new game, Redfall, which is one of my expected 2022, but we had no trace of Blazkowicz or the alternate world where the Nazis win War II World. Finally, and most recently, it was at The Game Awards 2021, where I also commented that I would love to see the game at last. But, as happened with the new Bioshock and many other games, we are left with the honey on our lips.

Having said all this, and seeing my insistence and that I do not give up, I can only let myself fall into the arms of the magic of Christmas, of the New Year’s wishes, and ask Bethesda and MachineGames that this 2022 yes that is the year we see Wolfenstein III. May our dream and wish come true and we have our long-awaited third installment.

For the time being, now more than ever and with almost two years of pandemic in between, it totally fits. Not surprisingly, some company developer profiles indicate that they already have three years working on a new game. We know that it is not Indiana Jones, as Todd Howard himself stated that it is a project that is in a very early stage of development. In this way, this project, which is already on its way to four years, has to be something else.

That it is Wolfenstein III may be more an illusion and a fan dream than a reality. But Christmas is that time when we allow ourselves to dream. And sometimes dreams come true.