Many users discover this function hidden in Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers

With the release of the new version of the elite controller for Xbox, one has recently been discovered. new functionality that until now was not known and that at this moment assures you, that it is being a success with regard to the optimization of peripherals.

I’m referring to the fact that a group of fans last weekend managed to activate a parameter from Gabe Newell’s website, which allows us to change the color of the control thanks to the parameters provided by the respective configuration. If you are the owner of this model and want to try it these RGB functions, stay on top of the steps you must take to enjoy this function.

Hey Xbox, why are we learning from Steam, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has an RGB LED for a Menu button back light? And we can customize it? Was anyone else aware of this? This blows my mind and love this thing even more!! 🔥💗 from xbox

The only thing you need to do to enable this Steam RGB option is to go to the configuration section and follow the following steps that will ensure it works correctly. The only downside is that this setting is available for the Xbox Elite Series 2 no PC, but I would not rule out that in the future Redmond will be encouraged to work on an alternative that allows us change the white color that characterizes the Xbox controls.

These are the steps to complete:

  • Access Steam.
  • Go to the configuration section.
  • Access command.
  • Select the general remote control setup option.
  • Turn on Xbox setup support and its extended features.
  • Select our command.
  • Click on preferences.

It was RGB all along from xboxone

Check the result below: