Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox Game Pass is one of the most played titles

Marvel’s Avengers, the game of the avengers, debuted on the Xbox Game Pass a few days ago and it appears that this change has substantially benefited the re-release developed by Crystal Dynamics, which is among the titles. most played in the United States.

Last November, there was talk of slow sales and development costs not yet covered for Marvel’s Avengers, which, while boasting a great campaign, include GaaS elements that not everyone appreciated. Because of that, the game was not so well received at the time.

Here, it could be that the idea of ​​bringing the game to the Xbox Game Pass, seen as a last resort, is actually worth the pity, judging by the assessments reported by Benji Sales.

We don’t know how long this situation will last, but it’s certainly a good debut on the Xbox Game Pass for the Marvel’s Avengers, who are seeing a sharp increase in player numbers compared to recent times.