Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Amazon wants to work on a series based on Bioware’s games

According to current reports, Amazon Studios want to expand their range of productions in the sci-fi and fantasy area. Those responsible have apparently kept an eye on Mass Effect. The company is said to be on the verge of a deal with Electronic Arts and BioWare aimed at a series around games. A confirmation of the Deadline report is still pending.
BioWare has been talking about a potential Mass Effect series or film for the past several months. In an interview it was said in this regard that the question is no longer whether a project will come about, but only when. And now you have apparently found your partner in Amazon.

Earlier this year, actor Henry Cavill was also linked to Mass Effect. He shared a picture on Instagram that hinted at a secret project in which the actor is apparently involved. Fans found out a short time later that it was a printout of the Wikipedia page of Mass Effect 3. Henry Cavill is known, among other things, for his role as Geralt in the Netflix series The Witcher or as Superman.

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