Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Former Bioware writer has concerns about the Amazon series

It has recently become known that Amazon is seriously considering realizing the popular role-playing game series Mass Effect as a show for its in-house streaming service (we reported). What caused some fans to be downright euphoric, on the other hand, made others skeptical. This includes, among others, David Gaider, who once worked as an author at the Bioware developer studio. He said on Twitter that he was very worried about such a project.

On the one hand, he sees a big problem in the fact that the players at Mass Effect could decide for themselves whether the protagonist is male or female. In a series, however, the gender is fixed and thus the hopes of some of the fans are immediately dashed. The main character’s fundamental lack of personality is also a problem.

“You think I’m wrong? Consider how much of the story is outsourced to the companions. It’s only through them that the players get most of their emotional ties. In and of themselves, the protagonists of Dragon Age and Mass Effect are … well, pretty boring. It won’t work. “
According to Gaider, there are many other factors that speak against an adaptation of the Mass Effect games in series format. It is an almost impossible project to realize – at least not without getting into the anger of the fans.

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