Matrix Awakens: An Xbox studio worked on the impressive Unreal Engine 5 demo

Epic Games has in the past presented impressive demonstrations of its Unreal Engine 5. However, the latter were neither playable nor associated with a famous license. To improve this, the American studio decided to hit a big shot by offering a new technical demonstration what is free, playable and linked to the universe of Matrix. But to reach your goal, the Epic Games needed backup.

Epic Games has just released its demo The Matrix Awakens on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X. This technical demo running under Unreal Engine 5 has the particularity of mixing cinema and playable experience. According to the American studio, the aim of the approach is to show what is possible by combining Unreal Engine 5 and next-generation consoles.

For the purposes of Matrix Awakens, Epic Games claims to have created a 16 km2 open world city. The latter includes 7,000 buildings, 1,248 intersections, 45,073 parked cars (of which 38,146 can be driven), 260 km of roads and 512 km of sidewalks. As shown in the video below, many of the effects enabled by Unreal Engine 5 are also explored in this demo.

On the Xbox Blog, Ross Hogben of Epic Games talks about the people and groups who participated in the project. The film crews were represented by Lana Wachowski, James McTeigue and John Gaeta. And on the other side was “Epic Games and Partners”. If the article doesn’t go into detail, one of these partners has been publicly revealed. And it turns out to be relatively surprising.

In fact, one of Epic Games’ partners in this The Matrix Awakens demo was none other than The Coalition. The same The Coalition that develops Gears of War inside Xbox Game Studios. The information is all that is more official since it was revealed by Guy Welch. The latter is Xbox’s marketing director and is particularly responsible for the Gears of War series.

Although The Coalition is a Microsoft-owned studio, ties to Epic Games remain strong. The Coalition was founded by the team that developed Gears of War at Epic. And, obviously, both sides are open to the idea of ​​collaborating. This partnership around The Matrix Awakens is proof of that. The arrival of Marcus Fenix ​​and Kait Diaz, heroes of Gears of War, in Fortnite is another.

As a reminder, the Matrix Awakens demo can be downloaded for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, it takes about 30GB of free space on the consoles’ SSD to get it back.

What do you think of Matrix Awakens? Did you get this technical demo? Is The Coalition’s participation in the project surprising? Do you think full games will soon reach such a rendering? Give your opinion.