Microsoft Announces 13 New Xbox Game Pass Games in September

Microsoft just announced the latest round of games for the Xbox Game Pass in September. It’s a lot of new game, so don’t be surprised if you don’t know most of the list, there are many new experiences that can please you since there are several genres.

Microsoft has unveiled the 13 games that will be available on the Xbox Game Pass in the second half of September 2021. Here is the complete list of free Xbox, PC and cloud games:

  • Flynn [Console, PC e nuvem] – September 15th: An action and platform game.
  • I Am Fish [Console, PC e Nuvem] – September 16th: It’s basically a “looking for Nemo”.
  • SkateBird [Console, PC e Nuvem] – September 16: A skateboarding game in which we are a bird.
  • Superliminal [Console, PC e nuvem] – September 16: A perspective-based puzzle game.
  • Aragami 2 [Console, PC e Nuvem] – September 17: a cooperative stealth.
  • Lost Words [Console, PC e nuvem] – September 23: A 2D platform puzzle.
  • Sable [Console, PC e Nuvem] -September 23: An exploratory adventure in a desert.
  • Subnautica Below Zero [Console, PC e nuvem] – September 23: a survival, sequel to the first Subnautica.
  • Tainted Graal [PC] – September 23: An RPG with rogue-like elements and deck building elements.
  • Lemnis Gate [Console e PC] – September 28: A first-person tactical shooter.
  • Astria Ascending [Console, PC e nuvem] – September 30: A classic turn-based RPG featuring Final Fantasy veterans.
  • Unsighted [Console e PC] – September 30: A 2D metroidvenia with a retro graphic style.
  • Phoenix Point [Console] – October 1: A turn-based strategy game.

Tell us, what do you think of the games coming to the Xbox Game Pass on PC, console and cloud in the second half of September 2021?