Microsoft Begins Testing Twitch Live Streaming on Xbox with Insiders

In June 2020, Microsoft officially closed Mixer, the company’s in-house streaming platform. While the change seemed inevitable at the time, it left Xbox gamers without an easy way to stream their favorite games directly from their console. Well over a year later, the Microsoft is testing Twitch live streaming with some Xbox Insiders, providing an integrated method for transmission without a game capture board for the most popular platform at the moment.

Only available to Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead branch of the Xbox Insider Program at this time, players will now be able to sign in with a Twitch account and stream the best Xbox games to the streaming platform. You can test this by navigating to the “Live Stream” option under “Capture and share” in the Xbox Guide, which should be quite familiar to anyone who has used the Mixer solution in the past. This feature only streams game footage and does not display the Xbox UI or other Xbox OS elements on Twitch.

If the test goes well, Twitch’s live streaming option should hopefully be released to all Xbox console gamers in the coming months. Until then, those willing to deal with potential bugs and issues can sign up for the Xbox Insider Program for a chance to test the feature (and others) a little earlier.

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