Microsoft fixes bug and changes list of games coming out of Xbox Game Pass in January

As always, some games come in and others come out of the Xbox Game Pass, that’s part of the nature of the service and allows you to always play new stuff, week by week. Well, in January it won’t be different, but it turns out that Microsoft made a mistake and corrected the list of withdrawals.

For the first half of this month, we are going to say goodbye to seven games. But what was the mistake? Well, Microsoft has confirmed that The Little Acre was included in the original list by mistake (it’s already out of Game Pass), however Kingdom Hearts 3 will also depart on January 15th.

Here is the complete list of games currently slated to come out around January 15, 2022:

Meeting Game Platform
January, 10 PUBG (it will be free) Console
January 15th Desperados 3 Console, PC
January 15th Ghost Of A Tale PC
January 15th Kingdom Hearts 3 Console
January 15th Montagem & Blade: Warband Console, PC
January 15th Pandemia: The Board Game Console, PC
January 15th YIIK: A Postmodern RPG PC

Some of them still give you time to finish them, but if you want to keep them, you can buy them with a generous 20% discount and they will remain in your library forever.