Microsoft Flight Simulator: GOTY Edition arrives as a free update in November

As if Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn’t awesome enough, the Asobo Studio team announced a Special Edition Game of the Year of the game, which will be available as a free update for existing PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S players This means you can also access it through the Xbox Game Pass.

What’s new? You’re looking at five new aircraft, eight new airports handmade, new missions, new tutorials, new photogrammetry cities and much more. Better yet, the GOTY Edition is also implementing some “highly requested community features” like an updated climate system it is a replay system no modo dev.

Furthermore, the first major expansion of the game will arrive on the same day in the form of Reno Air Races, bringing online racing to Flight Sim for the first time. However, this won’t be free, with the base package available for $19.99, and the full collection of 40 licensed aircraft available for $59.99.

There is a lot of information to collect here, so for full details on Game of the Year Edition and Reno Air Races, we recommend that you visit the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website. Pay attention to all this on the day. November 18th!

“We can’t wait for you to try this expanded edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator on November 18th. We encourage you to invite your friends to experience the wonders of flying. Heaven is calling!”

Will you return to Flight Sim for the GOTY edition in November? Tell us below.